Becoming a Confident Leader

Tools and Strategies for Student-Athletes Who Aspire to Be or Already Are Team Leaders!


We All Understand the Importance of Leadership

Whether you're a parent, coach, or student-athlete... I'm sure you understand the importance of becoming a strong leader.

Why? Because we all have experienced the effects of really positive leadership and unfortunately the converse, negative or toxic leadership.

And I’m not talking just about team captains. Everyone can, and everyone should be able to lead, no matter what their official title may be.

"The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them."

John Maxwell

Strong leaders on the playing field become strong leaders off the playing field. They become leaders in their communities, their jobs, and their lives.

And great leadership automatically sets them apart from the competition... Whether they're trying to get into their dream good college, get the job of their dreams, or reach any of their other goals.

So Why Don't We Teach Our Athletes How to Lead?

Most athletes WANT to lead, and lead well.

But we never truly give them the tools to do so effectively.

Instead, we slap a big C on their jersey and tell them to just "get out there and kick some butt!"

And sure... Some people can pick it up as they go along, but even more end up believing they're not cut out to be leaders.

All of this happens for one reason:

They Have a Practice Plan For Each Skill... Except Leadership

Conditioning and strength training? Of course!

Position-specific & skill-specific drills? You got it!

But leadership training? Probably not.

We're doing a disservice to both our athletes and our athletic programs by not having a concrete leadership program.

Our athletic programs don't have the complete foundation they need year after year to succeed... and our athletes end up believing they don't have one of the most important skills in the world.

We must do better. We can do better!

But the Good News Is: Leadership Can Be Learned

All your athletes need is a concrete program and process they can follow to go from where they currently are... to becoming authentic and strong leaders.

Which is exactly why I've created this course.

I've spent over 30 years learning and practicing leadership, culture, and teamwork in all sorts of contexts: the world of athletics, as a decorated combat veteran, and in the business space.

I also had the privilege of working with hundreds of athletes and coaches of all levels. High school, college, professional, and even Olympic athletes and coaches!

And during all this time I've seen the same patterns over and over again... certain mistakes, myths, and immutable truths related to successful leadership.

I took all of those and put them inside of an easy-to-follow, comprehensive framework which became this course.




"John O'Grady worked with our Captains and team this past spring at Georgetown Prep (MD) and the results were fantastic. He helped our captains to define their roles within the team and cultivated their leadership qualities. I have no doubt that the impact on our program was immediate and I look forward to continuing to work with John to help develop the young leaders in our program."

Scott Urick

Assistant Athletic Director and Head Lacrosse Coach, Georgetown Prep (MD) High School, 2x NCAA, All-American, former National Team and Professional Lacrosse player

I would recommend John to any team, coach, or executive wishing to unlock their full potential. John is a proven leader, advisor, and coach. His ability to listen and provide advice and training are invaluable -- all of which revolve around building exceptional cultures and teams as well as developing the full leadership potential of people. Well worth the investment.

Ricky Fried

Head Coach, Georgetown University Women’s Lacrosse
Former Head Coach, US National Team, 2 x Gold Medal’s

John’s ability to translate his incredible leadership experience as a decorated combat veteran in an easily translatable and understandable manner made a positive impact on our players and staff. He provided practical, confidential advice and tools that positively impacted our leadership and culture. He is now part of our Wagner Football Family.

Jason Houghtaling

Former, FBS, Division I, Football Head Coach. Current, NFL, Offensive Line Coach, Tennessee Titans

John O’Grady spoke to our NY Jets Defense & was outstanding. His message & ability to communicate with our guys was special. His ability to speak to the entire audience but make each person feel as if he was talking to only him was great. He was able to keep everyone in the meeting room focused on the message & alert for more. John has a great understanding of how to get his audience to not only listen, but also “feel” his message. Our players are still talking about the message & repeating the objectives learned. I would strongly recommend giving your group, team, department, or company the opportunity to listen & feel the messages John O’Grady can communicate to improve performance & production.

Gregg Williams

Super Bowl Winning Coach and Former Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach

John’s message of what it takes to be a leader and winner, not only on the field, but for life is inspirational. His ability to share life experiences as a decorated combat veteran in a manner applicable to sports, high performing people, teams, and businesses is impressive and can make a difference providing an edge over your competitors. His message continues to resonate with our players and staff as we approach the playoffs for the Major League Lacrosse Championship.

Dave Cottle

Head Coach and General Manager, Chesapeake Bayhawks Professional Lacrosse Team


John O’Grady is the founder and owner of O’Grady Leadership Consulting Services. He works with college and professional sports teams and corporate executives at the intersection of leadership, culture, and teamwork. John is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, where he was an NCAA Division I Athlete. During John’s military career, he served multiple year-long combat deployments, one of which where he trained and led a 500-person unit to thrive during periods of ambiguity, volatility, chaos, and crisis. This unit earned the Presidential Unit Award for extraordinary performance and heroism.

He was awarded two Bronze Star Medals and two Legion of Merit Medals and holds two master’s degrees. He has led organizations ranging from 2,500-3,500 people. John served alongside U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He served as an advisor to executive-level military leaders, providing confidential, expert advice on topics as diverse as complex scenario-planning, leadership, training, culture, and strategic direction.

He managed a portfolio of over $14 Billion within the Headquarters of the Army. John also serves on the Board of Directors for Soldiers to Sidelines, a non-profit organization that certifies veterans to become athletics coaches and leaders in their communities. He retired from the military as a Colonel, having completed 30 years of service.

John has seen the impact of leadership on the battlefield, sports field, and business world -- both good and bad. He’s seen that every organization is a network of teams within teams, and optimal performance of people, teams, and leaders of teams is critical for personal & organizational success.

He’s seen the leader’s role in bringing the intersection of leadership, teams, and culture and how it inspires people and teams to become the best version of themselves in the most demanding, complex, austere, and challenging environments. Now his goal is to help leaders and teams all over the world do great things and bring out the best in their players.




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The 100% Doubt Free, 30-Day Guarantee

I know that this program works, and works well, and I can guarantee it will benefit your student athletes in a manner directly proportional to their commitment, but if you don't think it's right for you or your kids... that's completely fine.


How long will I have access to this course?

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Yes! If you or any of your athletes are not happy with the course after 30 days you can email me for a complete, no-questions-asked refund.


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